Work With a Design Expert

Do you want a tiny home but want a custom design built specifically to you? If so, then working with one of our design experts is the way to go! 

With our custom Tiny Home Design Process, we include: 
  • Initial Email and Design Survey    

  • Initial Design                           

  • Phone meeting               

  • 2 additional designs                  

  • Main view layout

  • Loft view layout

  • Exterior elevations

  • Interior elevations

  • 2 perspective views

  • Kitchen Design

  • Bathroom Design

  • Stair Design

  • Furniture Design

  • Electrical outlet placement

  • Detailed notes page

  • Window schedule

  • Paint and stain Schedule

  • Products/ appliance list

  • Build measurements

  • Product recommendations such as appliances and building materials           

  • PDF prints/ design

  • Email and Text support          

By working with one of our design experts you will be able to design your Tiny Home exactly how you've always wanted. The price you pay today goes towards the total cost of your Tiny Home build.

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